40 Days of JOY

Divine Color Healing Meditations
to Boost Your JOY and Manifesting Mojo

Ready To Create More Joy In Every Area Of Your Life?

Then your soul guided you to the right place, my friend.

If you enjoy guided meditations, then 40 Days of JOY was made for YOU.

I created this series of 40 healing meditations in 2015 when I had announced I was creating a new program to experience more JOY.

Participants in the program absolutely LOVED them.

And since then I’ve received numerous messages of deep appreciation from people all around the world who found 40 Days of JOY and have integrated them into their daily life. 

  • One lady, for example, loves to end her daily yoga session with one of the meditations. She’ll randomly pick one and it’s always the perfect message for her that day, without fail.
  • Another fan swears by these JOY meditations to quickly shift her mood and turn up her mojo and she loves sharing these with her clients as well.
  • And one of the participants in the 2015 program calls these JOY meditations better and more effective than counseling and they got her through a rough time and out of  post natal depression.

Pretty awesome, right?

Recharge In 10 Minutes

Most of the healing meditations are around 10 minutes. You could listen as you wake up in the morning or whenever you could use a tune-up. These color infusions are very nourishing and will provide you with exactly what you need in that moment.

Boost Your Mojo

You know that everything flows so much more gracefully when you’re feeling good, right?
Aligning with joy also happens to boost your mojo.
These exquisite color infusions will clear whatever’s been zapping your joy and get you back on track.

Release Anxiety and Stress

These beautiful healing meditations provide you with a color frequency infused Joy Booster to quickly align your energy and give you an experience of being deeply supported and cherished. They’re ultimately a gift from your soul to you and they’re simply delicious!

You probably already know that if you want to manifest what brings you joy, then you must BE JOY.

In other words, you must broadcast the frequencies of JOY with your thoughts and feelings,
you must embody the joy vibration, get your JOY vibes on.

As Abraham-Hicks say so well:
You can’t worry your way to joy.

So what if there was a way to easily and quickly turn up your JOY vibe...

Would you be interested to experience it?

That’s what the delicious color meditations in 40 Days of JOY
can do for you in just 10 minutes per day.

They’re like tuning forks that quickly shift your vibration and recalibrate you to the JOY frequency.

Doing just one feels great already.

Yet when you listen to these for 40 days in a row...

It’s like adding rocket fuel to your JOY vibes and manifesting mojo.

When you hold a strong JOY vibe, you'll be amazed at how calm and peaceful you can remain amidst the chaos of everyone else being tuned into worry and stress…

They might even calm down in your presence and experience you as a delightful breath of fresh air.

I am LOVING the meditations!

Hi Tina, just a little note to let you know how much I am loving the meditations, they are wonderful! You have a true gift for creating this. Just an idea I’m going to put out there but do you think you could do colour meditations for each of the bottles? And turn it into 100+ days of Joy? I would sign up for that immediately!!

- S. Chandaria

Your Guide on this Journey

Hi, my name is Tina van Leuven and I've been a practical alchemist on a path of spiritual awakening since I was 18. 

Trained in many different healing modalities and having traveled around the world, I deeply value freedom, joy and kindness.

I'm passionate about helping others Source their life from joy, freedom and abundance instead of playing by the old rules of struggle, sacrifice and obligation. 

I absolutely love helping my clients upgrade their money mindset and align with their soul path so their life and business are a true expression of their divine essence.

I bring 35+ years experience of powerful energy healing from around the world to my practical out-of-the-box coaching style.

I'm the host of the JOY Evolution Summit, and have created numerous transformational online programs, including the life changing 40 Days of Money and Miracles, 40 Days of Divine Manifesting, and the popular Money Mindset Makeover. 

Why 40 Days?

Yogi Bhajan, who brought kundalini yoga to the west, said it takes:

40 days to change a habit

90 days to confirm the new habit 

120 days to BE that new habit and 

1000 days for mastery.

You will love these daily joy boosters! A gift from your soul to you.

Choosing Growth and Transformation
through JOY

Here’s what’s included in 40 Days of JOY:

  • 40 Exquisite Joy and Healing Meditations

I can’t wait for you to fall in love with these 40 exquisite color-infused healing meditations that will align you with your own inner joy channel. These quick joy boosters are between 7-13 minutes each, to enjoy anywhere. You can stream them within the membership site or download them onto your computer and sync with your tablet or smartphone.

  • Each meditation is accompanied by a message from your soul via the colors for that day. You can download the meditations and pick a number at random and use every day (even if you don’t do it as a 40-day program).

  • Gain amazing insight from your soul with beautiful colors! When you choose a number between 1-40, you’ll receive an intuitive message that gives you exactly what you need to know at that moment. 
    (Color is the language of the soul and it bypasses the conscious mind, which makes these messages pretty eye-opening!).

  • Fill up your tank with joy and watch your entire life change. Joy is the key to abundance.. It’s not something that you need to “find” or “look for” outside of yourself.

  • Learn to follow your Joy Sprinkles! You already have joy. You just need to uncover it. Keep following what’s joyful for you even if it’s not what everyone else is doing.

  • Stop making “what other people think” more important than what you think of yourself. Let go of people pleasing and let your beautiful light shine bright!

These colour meditations are the best, they work better than a counseling session for me!

- Monica Witsch

The first 7 meditations you will:

Experience transformation, growth and expansion through joy instead of struggle with this violet infusion.

Allow yourself to receive support with releasing resentment and frustration so that you may accept yourself completely with this Self love pink infusion.

Be the flow and enjoy discovering creative ways of communicating your message through your heart with this turquoise infusion.

Enjoy a rejuvenating purification of body, mind and emotions, resulting in increased clarity as the obstacles on your path are cleared with this clear white infusion.

Feel how loved and supported you are amidst challenging times as you embrace your feminine intuition and feel protected with this iridescent pink infusion.

Let go of any outdated roles you’ve played and give yourself permission to be free to be YOU with this pink violet infusion.

Restore well-being on all levels and gain insight and clarity as you bring your creative expressions into form with archangel Raphael in this royal blue infusion. 

And then you can continue your joy journey with another 33 powerful color infused healing meditations that you’ll love.

All for just $97

You'll have lifetime access
so you can go through the 40 days as often as you like. 

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40 Days of JOY for only US$97 


instant access to 40 mp3 audios for you to download plus

profound color messages from your soul to you

As several of the participants in the creation of this 40 day program said: 
“This is a gift that keeps on giving!”

Gift yourself or someone you love 
the gift of JOY today.