Discover The Real Secret To Unlocking Money And Miracles In Your Life.

Find Out Why Affirmations, Healing and Law of Attraction
Haven't Helped You Manifest More Money and Create Prosperous Thriving... YET

Have You Been Running The God Program 

without even knowing it?

Have you ever thought:
‘As soon as I have $$ then I’ll be free, 
then I can relax, then I’ll feel secure?

Think of all the times you've let money decide what you could do, have, be or experience now... or not.

In those moments, whether you've realised it or not, you deified money by
making it the source of your abundance and wellbeing.

I want you to know this is NOT your fault.

This program has been running and passed down for many generations,
regardless of religion, race, origin, gender, or bank balance.

It's what I refer to as the god program.

  • It's a God impersonator, pretending to be God/Source/Divine or whatever name you prefer for the infinite.
  • It's like a virus that has affected humanity for millennia, causing much suffering, struggling and pain by creating a sense of separation between you and Source.

It’s been fueled by the ‘no pain, no gain’ game that has hypnotised many into believing that you must sacrifice yourself - your health, your happiness, your peace of mind or loved ones - to receive your rewards.

Doing what you love and be well paid for expressing your gifts?

That’s like blasphemy to the rules of the old game.

Thereby constantly perpetuating the lies that you are not enough as you are or that there is not enough to go around for everyone, or at least not for you.

The good news is that you do not have to
keep running this program
and there IS a way out and beyond.

I was surprised by my thoughts about money. It was very much a love/hate relationship. I wanted it and I didn’t want it.

There are times when we cannot do it alone, we sometimes need help. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Tina.

Whilst I have had success financially and in my business. I needed insight into why I was blocking myself from moving forward.

Having spent over $60,000 on personal development in the past 5 years, it has always been in large group settings, which was amazing and started to resolve many issues. However for me I knew I needed personal one on one time to really go deep with some of the programming.

During the 40 Day Money and Miracles Experience I went deeper with Tina than I have before and was able to clear a lot more conditioning that had been playing out in my life.

I was surprised by my thoughts about money. It was very much a love/hate relationship. I wanted it and I didn’t want it.

Tina also helped me clear obstacles that had held me back from fully expressing the medicine woman I am, and feel confident being more visible as I let the world know I’m bloody good at what I do.

I feel much more open to receiving money and also much more aligned with my business. I am doing what I love and I no longer have to be the world’s best kept secret!

If you’re stuck in regards to money or finding yourself going around in circles or not getting the results you want, sign up for the 40 Day Money and Miracles Experience. There’s nothing else like it out there.

DEBBIE LANYON ( Medicine Woman, Clarity Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist )

Over the last 10 years I've facilitated the Money and Miracles Course, I have witnessed the god program playing out in absolutely every one of my clients' lives, often to their absolute amazement and sheer frustration!

It's taken me years to untangle and set myself free from the grip it had on me. This program has a lot of rules and (un)conscious agreements that are locked in place by fear, obligation, guilt and a crap load of other stuff passed down through the generations.

Lucky for you, it won't have to take you that long!

When it comes to money,
your inner game is super important
and powerful.

  • Without upgrading your money mindset AND clearing the energies of limitation from your body and field, you’ll keep sabotaging yourself as undercurrents of fear, worry and anxiety keep messing with your mojo.
  • Without taking practical action steps to bring in money, such as getting out there and connecting with people to talk about your business, having money conversations by inviting others to work with you and pay for your products and services, you can meditate and visualise all you want, the energy (and money)  won’t have a place to land.

Many of the modalities and tools that may have worked for you in the past are simply
no longer optimal for these times.
They worked to get you to where you are.

Yet times have changed.

Everyone and everything is undergoing massive transformations, including the rules of the money game.

The key is to allow your Higher Self to support and guide you.

And that, my friend, is an invitation to train your trust muscles to the next level!
Even if you've been on this journey for quite some time.

Your Higher Self guided you here...

  • What if the blueprint you came into this world with is now outdated?
  • What if your soul has been waiting for you to activate your new Divine Blueprint of Joyful Abundance?
  • What if this upgrade is available right here, right now?
  • Will you allow yourself to receive it?

40 Days of Money and Miracles takes a holistic approach to transforming your money mindset.

  • It not only helps you identify, clear and release your hidden money blocks and limiting beliefs, it also helps you to clear the emotional charge locked in your body and energy field while aligning your money goals with your soul path.

  • This program takes a body/mind/soul approach that will lift you out of the push-pull with money that so many experience when living out of alignment with what truly matters to you.

  • Money is one of the greatest tools for transformation and personal growth because money
    is a mirror for the push-pull that many people experience in life. Where they want something and are simultaneously pushing away the very thing they want.

    When you find yourself bouncing back and forth between scarcity and abundance, feast or famine, it becomes almost impossible to not just receive what you want in life but also to give what you want to give.

    When you're able to come to terms with money and see it for what it really is and embrace the blessings and gift it can be, you heal so many other aspects of the push-pull that you may be experiencing in other areas of life and business.

    It will open the floodgates to receiving so you can give on a bigger scale and lets you step out of the struggle, the doubt, the questions about worth that no longer serve you.

    Ultimately, the Money and Miracles Course provides you with a safe and sacred space to clear the obstacles to fully receiving all of YOU - the abundance, joy and light you are - so that this can be reflected in your everyday life, including your finances.

    Your Guide on this Journey

    Hi, my name is Tina van Leuven and I've been a practical alchemist on a path of spiritual awakening since I was 18. 

    Trained in many different healing modalities and having traveled around the world, I deeply value freedom, joy and kindness.

    When I left my airline career in 2008 to pursue my soul business fulltime, I felt confident that I had what it takes to succeed.

    After all, I had plenty of experience, people told me I was really good at what I do, and I was super passionate about helping others with my gifts. I even had a website and taken a bunch of marketing courses.

    Well... I was in for a rude awakening.

    I discovered why people say that running your own business is one of the best ways to fast-track your transformation as absolutely EVERY unconscious limiting belief will rise to the surface!

    Try as I might, nothing I did was working and I hit rock bottom. Financially and emotionally... 

    Then one day I discovered something that turned my world upside down.

    I learned that deep down inside, we all have an Inner Shitty Committee.

    Yes, that’s right. Your very own panel of self-proclaimed experts who do
    nothing but undermine your efforts. And who cause you to
    second-guess yourself every single day.

    These trouble-making hooligans cause you to have thoughts like 
    “Who am I to do that?” or “Oh, that’ll never work!”

    They make you doubt and question your ideas, slowing you down or stopping you altogether.

    In short - your Inner Shitty Committee keeps you away from doing the things
    that set you free to live the life you know deep inside is yours to live.

    Simply because it’s outside your comfort zone.

    And sadly, most people let this unappointed panel of misfits run the show. 
    They lose out on so many opportunities, simply because of the voices telling them they can’t do it.

    But here’s the good news:

    There IS a way out.

    I discovered a way to overcome the power of the Inner Shitty Committee and tap into a field of abundance that is all around and within us.

    Once I applied these concepts, I started making more money than I ever had before,
    all while doing what I love.

    Yay, live happily ever after!

    Well... not quite...

    After a few years I crashed and burnt. Again.

    So what happened?

    I'd hit my unconscious Upper Limit. Not just in receiving money but also in how much ease and joy I was unconsciously allowing in my life.

    As my business screeched to a halt, my confidence took a nose dive as I found myself going through
    a dark night of the soul that almost had me quit everything.

    Fortunately I knew to reach out for support and allow myself to receive help with transforming my blind spots, clearing out even deeper layers of limitation that had been trapped and stored in my body and energy field... as we raised my Upper Limit and restored my confidence.

    Tell you what... my trust and faith muscles got an intense workout!

    Slowly but surely the tide started to turn.

    And looking back - gotta love the power of hindsight... I can see how important it was for me to have gone through this experience myself as it has given me a deeply embodied knowing of what it takes to clear through some of those stubborn obstacles... and have an even deeper compassion for myself and others for being on this human journey.

    And to know, really know in every cell of my body and being, that I AM ENOUGH.

    As are you.

    Getting this at cognitive level is one thing.

    It's getting the body, mind and heart all on the same page as your soul... that's another thing altogether.

    I was already really good at helping my clients with this.

    I just had to upgrade and recalibrate to the next level so I could fully receive this for myself as well!

    You've probably noticed that it's an ongoing spiral journey as we continue to expand and evolve...

    I've supported clients from all over the world with bringing more joy into every area of their life so their increased abundance and prosperity is truly fulfilling and sustainable.

    I believe in going beyond the surface-level tactics and strategies to get to the root of the issue.
    And in making small inner shifts that lead to the biggest results.

    When you take back power over your (financial) destiny, you unlock the wealth and abundance that was destined for you all along.

    So no matter how many money mindset affirmations, healings and Law of Attraction courses you've experienced already, if you've hit an upper limit to the abundance of money, love, and joy in your life... then you will love what you're about to discover...
    Money and Miracles banner

    What's Inside 40 Days of Money and Miracles

    WEEK ONE -
    Create An Empowering New Money Story

    Discover how to create an experience with money that empowers you and supports you with expressing your unique gifts in the world.  

    You'll get crystal clear on the limiting stories you've been telling yourself and ditch the rules and agreements you've ever bought into, whether you remember doing this or not... 

    so that you can create a brand new empowering money story that truly supports you to thrive.

    WEEK TWO - 
    Training Your Trust Muscles

    Could your trust muscles use a bit of training? Over the years of supporting private clients and group participants in the Money and Miracles Course, one of THE biggest challenges everyone has encountered is resistance to truly trusting.

    Remove the stress from your shoulders and learn to trust that the universe has your back. The word “surrender” might sound like giving up right now, but I’ll show you how it’s actually the most powerful thing you can 'do'.

    Shifting Your Perspective

    It's been said that when you shift the way you look at things, then the things you look at change... 

    Imagine what might become possible when your perspective on money shifts to one that supports your essence to thrive as you express your brilliance in the most joyful ways for you...

    Clear the blocks to your financial abundance, connect with your divine self, and let making money be infused with ease and grace!

    Your Unshakable Foundation for Security

    When you discover how much of your life-force energy has been invested in making money the source of your security, you'll be amazed at what opens up for you as these money distortions are cleared and transformed.

    Finally say goodbye to past betrayal and shame that is holding you back from receiving abundance and achieving your money goals.

    WEEK FIVE - 
    The Red Thread 

    By now you'll have started to see the red thread running through your life and how this has played out with money.

    Most people can easily see the recurring themes in other people's lives. Yet not so easy when it comes to your own blind spots, right?

    We'll shine a light on what's been keeping your level of abundance from increasing and how to shift that with ease and grace.

    WEEK SIX - 
    Calling Forth Miracles

    As we go for the finish line of our 40 day adventure, you'll experience the joy of celebrating the power of play time to call forth the money and miracles you've been asking to receive.

    When you let go of dragging around the emotional baggage of your ancestors and release all the rules and limitations you've ever bought in to in regards to money, you'll literally lighten up. 

    The light that you are will guide you to the people, places and opportunities that enhance the joy and abundance in your life.

    All for just $297

    And because all the obstacles to allowing yourself to receive the money and miracles you desire
    didn't show up in your life overnight, it goes without saying that the unraveling of life-long programs
    may take a bit longer than 40 days.

    Which is why you'll have lifetime access to the online course
    so you can go through the 40 days as often as you like. 

    * Prices shown are in US $
    At checkout you'll also have the option to choose split payment.

    It may seem like a miracle but by the time
    you complete your 40 days, you'll know
    the real secret to unlocking
    money and miracles in your life!

    They Say...


    Well… I’ve just completed Day 40 for the 3rd time in a row… 120 days (well, 131 because in the first round I did the first 11 days twice) of Money & Miracles. 

    The total turn around has been spectacular to say the least! In the opening round I attracted 3 times my average income in one month!!!

    I think that was to get my attention! From there the transformations have been in my thoughts, limiting programming be-gone, and in my BEing, with myself & with money and ongoing abundance.

    All my worry is gone, whether I'm having a low or high earning day/week/month... 
    I have total trust in my process – what a phenomenal gift!! 

    Thank you, Divine Tina van Leuven for adding this piece of my wisdom pie. This program and deciding to enter into your private coaching, witnessing and support has been the best $5000 I’ve spent in a long, long time!!

    Iesha Delune -Wholistic Vitality


    Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Its crazy! I am so glad I wiped out the thoughts of 
    “Oh, now is just not a good time for me to start this 40 Day Money and Miracles Experience… 
    I am so busy” and just DOVE in.

    Thank you so much for your assistance along this journey (kicking my butt!)... you are the best coach! Who ever says they don’t have time, just doesn’t want it bad enough. I have already made 75% of my 60 day money goal in 14 days! And I set the stakes HIGH!

    Karla Rothmann- Rothmann Art, Germany


    I truly believe the 40-day Money and Miracles Experience did change my direction forever. I have just lived the most fear-free 6 weeks of my life!

    I’ve felt like something big is about to happen and it did. I got a Facebook message from the biggest designer events company in Paris on rue Faubourg St Honoré, asking me to showcase my Kombucha Couture at Paris Fashion Week 2015. THE biggest runway in the world.

    I hadn’t dared to even dream. But there it is. It’s big and it’s all real.

    I truly believe it is a miracle and I would never have opened up the path to this opportunity if I hadn’t committed to Tina’s program. As I wrote for Day 40 – I got my dream or bigger than. Thank you, Tina. You make miracles happen….

    Sacha Laurin (Kombucha Couture, California,USA)

    Is 40 Days of Money and Miracles Right for You?


    • You suspect you might have a few limiting programs and beliefs running in the background that could explain the underlying current of worry or anxiety when you think about money, regardless of how much or little you currently have.                          
    • You often find yourself experiencing lack, regardless of how much is coming in... Isn't it the darnedest thing how those unexpected expenses show up just when you get a bonus or extra money?
    • You find it challenging to let go and hence might have a few stubborn inner gremlins messing with your mojo... making it hard for you to really trust and let go of wanting to be in control because, well, then things would be out of control, right? If you EVER thought or felt that way, you are so NOT alone!
    • You've read many of the self help and LOA books out there and even though you 'get it' at a conceptual level, you still find yourself derailed by self doubt, fear or worry... much to your annoyance!


    • You're looking for a quick fix, a magic pill or someone else to do the work for you.
    • You're too busy to carve out at least 30 minutes per day to show up for YOU.
    • Your investment in this course places you under financial stress. As awesome as this might be to help get you out of that space, I recommend you take advantage of the 5 Day Money and Miracles Challenge first.
    • You're offended by me talking about the god program or anything else you've read or heard me say so far.

    Happiness Guarantee

    It is my intention that you’ll love this 40 day adventure as much as I’ve loved receiving the divine downloads and creating this journey for you. Please be aware that there are no refunds.
    Therefore I invite you to really feel if this is a YES for you before you sign up.

    How can you tell? A clear YES feels light, sometimes recognised as that butterflies in your belly sensation of excitement, or you simply know.

    If you’re on the fence about it, then ask yourself what you need to know to either get to a place of a clear YES or a clear NO. 

    Energy invested sitting on the fence, also known as doubting or second guessing yourself, is a huge waste of your precious life force. I invite you to gift yourself with clarity by making an empowered choice.

    If it’s a YES, then I look forward to welcoming you to an extraordinary journey that will transform the way you experience money and create a life worth waking up for every day , as many who have gone before you have already experienced. That is my Happiness Guarantee.

    I am confident in saying that as long as you do your part by going through the 40-day journey, implement and reach out for support when you hit a roadblock, then it’s absolutely impossible to stay stuck. Yep, this does require effort on your part but I can assure you it’ll be well worth it.

    You’ll love the ease and grace infusions in your life and business as you release the fear, doubt, and worries that may have sabotaged you from turning your dreams into reality.

    Amazing, joyful, and uplifting program which will enable shifts across the abundance spectrum 

    This is an amazing, joyful, and uplifting program which will enable shifts across the abundance spectrum, not just in financial matters. Tina’s wonderful, gentle daily guidance and support, and total commitment to her own journey, adds immeasurably to the experience. 

    I highly recommend the 40 Day Money and Miracles Experience!

    The Heart’s Desire day was a big one. And the Forgiveness one. And the Play day was one of the toughest for me, brought up so much old stuff.

    My biggest AHA moments were noticing my tendency to dismiss things out of hand as “too expensive.” For instance, there are a number of classes I would like to take in the coming months, and I’m simply asking now that the funds come in in time to do them, if that’s optimal for me at this time, and each time I get into “let’s plan and figure this out” mode, I am taking a breath and letting it go.

    I loved the audios, I ended up listening to them over and over. The journaling aspect was also very helpful. Really there was nothing I didn’t like, there were just days where I didn’t want to look at the questions, which of course meant I REALLY needed to look at the questions!

    Tina, thank you so much for the last 40 days of inspiration! You are truly a joyful star in the universe!

    Aodaoin Hathaway (Dances with Dragons)